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The house that HUMAN built

Non-fiction about architecture with elements of wimmelbook and comics.
Pani Krani is a little spider searching for home. He travels using his spider web. He crosses continents and countries, visiting the most diverse people in the most amazing HOMES. An architect participated in the work on the book. Thanks to this, the illustrator took into account the true scales and constructive features of the houses. Our team thoroughly studied the ideas of the authors-architects, conveyed these ideas simply and accessibly. Available in german, english, russian.


Pirat and little Zozo bird

Fiction. This is a lyrical tale about the friendship of a girl and a cat. Consists of 12 chapters, each chapter represents a specific month of the year and tells a separate story.
The text is currently available in russian. To be translated in english and german.


Into the woods

This is a jam combining mainly non-fiction, as well as fiction, elements of comics and wimmelbook. This book is about the life of the forest and its inhabitants. Merging photography and illustrations into single images. A little girl who dreams of becoming a witch goes into the woods to find magic. During her walk, she gets to know the trees and their fascinating lives, as well as what the forest and its inhabitants are like. Available in english, russian. To be translated in german.


Mr. Lavandal's ice cream.

Fiction. Absurdist humor. Surrealism.

The first story in the series ”Phips Town Stories”.
Mr. Lavandal sold ice cream. Although three months ago he was a banker. You will be surprised! He recently fell in love with madame Lamer. 

Mr. Lavandal's feelings exceeded the size of his bank. So he decided to become an ice cream maker and give out dessert instead of loans.

To be translated in english and german.


Head of Uncle Onion.


Fiction. Absurdist humor. Surrealism. The second story in the series ”Phips Town Stories”.
Uncle Onion is a respected and only pastry chef in the town. One day he comes to work without a head. Monsieur Croissant, Herr Apfel Krapfen and Miss Cinnabon are in shock. After all, they were baked in violation of the golden recipe. A real commotion begins in the town of Phips. Not a single self-respecting person in the city (and Mr. Mayor too) can start the morning, and therefore work, without their favorite sweets. This situation requires an investigation and the immediate return of Uncle Luke's head to the right place.

To be translated in english and german.


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